Enjoy the rich flavors of European quality.
Сreamy corn with caramel
The flavor of tender corn with a light, soft, creamy undertone and a subtle, delicate caramel flavor.
Tarragon lemonade
Refreshing carbonated drink with a spicy aroma and a piquant, slightly tangy taste of tarragon, making the flavor bright and unique.
Cactus fig
Cactus has a unique but mild taste and can be slightly tangy. The sweet and mildly nutty flavor of fig complements and makes the taste even brighter and more unique.
Melon mint
A fresh minty cocktail combining the summer flavor of ripe honeydew melon.
Kiwi ice
Sweet, slightly sour kiwi with cool and refreshing ice.
Banana cocktail
Banana taste with vanilla notes. The perfect combination of gentle sweetness. An incredible flavor from childhood.
Bubble gum mint
The combination of rich sweet taste with pleasant refreshing mint will instantly transport you to carefree times.
Strawberry pear blackberry
Sweet and sour strawberry and juicy aromatic blackberry reveal the harmonious taste of pear.
Grape energy
Moderately sweet aroma of grapes with a pronounced acidity from the energy drink.
Lime and lemon flavor. Sweet with a subtle sourness.
Coca-cola has a sweet taste with a subtle hint of lemon sourness, creating a refreshing and pleasant sensation of coolness.
Raspberry ice
Rich and vibrant sweet raspberry flavor with a subtle sourness and refreshing ice.
Pina Colada
For those who enjoy exotic flavors. The juicy aroma of pineapple is perfectly balanced with notes of coconut cream and vanilla. This cocktail will leave you in complete delight.
Apple Caramel
Juicy apples with caramel notes.
Apricot & Mango
For lovers of sweet aromas. Sweet mango is perfectly complemented by notes of ripe apricot.
Mango ice
A tropical fruit with a sugary taste of the pulp, followed by a subtle hint of acidity. When vaping, a pleasant and refreshing coolness gradually builds up.
Strawberries with Cream
The gentle flavor of strawberry with cream - subtle yet inspiring taste.
Watermelon Cucumber
Sweet watermelon with refreshing cucumber. It will remind you of the taste of homemade lemonade and immerse you in a summer day.
Sweet Banana with Honey Melon
A gentle banana flavor with honeydew melon and its pronounced sweetness. A light coolness adds freshness.
Viennese cream with Peach
A sweet and gentle flavor of cream with the pulp of peach.
Cherry ice
A combination of sweet cherry with ice cubes. A bright and refreshing taste.
What happens when such a sunny fruit like lemon is trapped in an icy grip? You get an amazingly juicy and incredibly refreshing liquid taste.
Аpple with Kiwi & Mint
A bright and cool taste. Fresh sweet smoothie with tart-sweet notes of green apple and kiwi, with refreshing mint.
Sour lime with a tangy bitterness and pronounced citrus aroma. Pleasant sourness on the inhale and a cool sensation on the exhale, perfect for a summer and hot day.
he famous refreshing cocktail with a distinctive sweet and sour taste of lime juice, lemon, and mint, as well as ice cubes.
Pineapple rings
The taste of natural juicy pineapple with the perfect combination of sweetness and tanginess. A true tropical delight in every inhale!

Strawberry jam
Sweet and rich taste of fresh strawberry jam. Each inhale takes you back to carefree childhood.

Raspberry & Blackberry

The combination of sweet raspberries and tender blackberries creates a berry flavor.
Mango Yogurt

This combination offers the rich taste of ripe mango and the creamy tenderness of yogurt. Indulge in this tropical flavor with a smooth yogurt aftertaste that awakens the taste buds, leaving a subtle sensation of sweetness.

Strawberry & Banana

The intense taste of ripe strawberries harmonizes with the fragrance of delicate banana, creating a perfect dessert duet that will satisfy lovers of sweet and creamy notes.


This is a tangy-sweet mix of strawberry, grapefruit, and grandma's raspberry jam.

Kiwi Yogurt

The sourness of kiwi, wrapped in the creamy softness of yogurt, creates a unique flavor balance that will give you an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure.
Kiwi & Raspberry
An explosive combination of bright kiwi sourness and raspberry sweetness creates a refreshing and multifaceted flavor with a tangy-sweet accent in every inhale.

Pink Wine
Exquisite juicy flavor of rosé wine, where every inhale brings a light aftertaste of sweet berries and subtle grape notes.

Apple with Black currant

Bright aroma of fresh apple, enhanced by the intense sourness of blackcurrant, creating a unique combination.

Apple Banana

Harmonious interplay of sweet banana pulp and the subtle sourness of fresh apple, creating a balanced and gentle flavor, perfect for enjoyment at any time of the day.

Blueberries & forest berries

A duet of juicy blueberries and forest berries, where each inhale transports you to the cool shade of an ancient forest, filled with berry abundance and freshness.

Grapefruit & Lychee

The sweet taste of lychee softens the bitterness of grapefruit, creating a unique, vibrant combination with a luxurious citrus aroma and tropical aftertaste.

Cherry Yogurt

The aroma of ripe cherries and delicate yogurt blend in this flavor, providing a wonderful combination of berries and the smoothness of yogurt.

Forest Blueberry

Exquisite juiciness of blueberries, infused with the aromas of the forest and a gentle hint of wild pristine freshness.

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